First Steps

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We can guarantee that our staff members will treat your child as an individual. We pride ourselves on getting to know you and your child or children.

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What is the EYFS and how does it benefit my child?

The EYFS concentrates on children achieving and developing in 7 different areas. 3 of these areas are considered Prime Areas and are essential in developing skills in order to begin making progress in the other 4 areas which are known as Specific Areas. The table below shows these areas and how they are broken down within the document:

Prime Areas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) - Making Relationships, Self Confidence and Self Awareness , Managing Feelings and Behaviours
Physical Development (PD) - Moving and Handling, Health and Self Care
Communication and Language Development (CLD) - Listening and Attention, Understanding, Speaking

Specific Areas

Literacy - Reading,Writing
Mathematics - Numbers, Shape, Space and Measures
Understanding the World - People and Communities, The World, Technology
Expressive Arts and Design - Exploring and using Media and Materials, Being Imaginative


The staff members plan activities for the children covering all the areas above week to week. They observe the children and find out what the children like to do and also what stage of development they are at. This help the staff members plan activities that the children are likely to not only get the most out of, but also enjoy. As children learn in different ways, staff members also take this into account when planning these activities. The Characteristics of Effective Learning are different ways in which children learn and the table below explains what they area and what they mean.
Children need the opportunity to repeat patterns of play in order for them to solidify their own knowledge and test the concepts they have already learnt.
Without the opportunity to do this, they miss out on vital steps necessary to make links from one experience to another and this could hinder the speed at which they develop. For example, we wouldn’t expect a baby to walk before they were able to hold their own head up. The same principle applies to all stages of development and play allows the child to experience every step at their own pace.
There are of course things that children will need teaching, and this is where our planning comes into it. For this reason staff members provide a variety of activities and experiences for all children including activities set out for the children to experience independently as well as with the support of an adult.








All children a given a Key Person upon starting Nursery.
This person will be the main staff member who will liaise with you and your child and will build a relationship with you both. They will help your child feel safe and secure during their time at Nursery and get to know them planning lots of lovely activities aimed at your child as an individual
Our toddler room cares for children aged between the ages of 2 and 3 years approximately.
We work on a ratio of 1 staff member for every 4 children. The room is set out with different areas including areas for the children to get messy, quiet areas for relaxing and somewhere for the children to eat. Children at this age are starting to explore their environment in a much more physical way and therefore the room is set out to encourage this. The areas flow from one space to another with outdoor access at all times of the day with the exception of meal times. In our Toddler room we are able to care for a maximum of 24 children with 6 staff members at one time.
Our baby room cares for babies from 3 months to approximately 2 years old.
We work on a ratio of 1 staff member for every 3 children. Our room is spacious and inviting with areas set out to promote different aspects of learning and development. Babies learn through their senses and as such, this is taken into account when our staff members plan activities for them. Our baby room can have a maximum of 12 children with 4 staff members. There is a separate outdoor area just for our babies keeping them safe when the older children are running around.
Our pre-school room cares for children aged 3+ and is a large bright airy room on the first floor.
The room is set out to encourage independence and exploration. Staff members are always on hand to provide structure and more focused adult led times for our older children, preparing them for their transition to ‘Big School’ We work on a ratio of 1 staff member for every 8 children and are able to care for a maximum of 24 children with 3 staff members at one time. The children are able to and encouraged to use the outdoor area as they wish and staff members are on hand to support them into the outdoor space. We have a number of learning programmes on offer for our older children such as Phonics, which aids pre reading and writing skills, and SEAD which is a programme designed to empower children emotionally and socially. More information about our learning programmes can be provided if you ask a member of staff.

Will my child be safe whilst at Nursery?

Our team work tirelessly to ensure all children in our care are safe and happy at all times, from finding out information such as allergies and medical conditions to risk assessing all our equipment and the environment, we do everything in our power. We work with a number of Policies and Procedures surrounding Health and Safety and Safeguarding and these are always available in reception for you to take a look at. Should you wish to take a copy of any of these policies please ask a member of staff who will happily provide you with what you want. Please watch our notice boards for our policy of the month, this is your opportunity to contribute to our policies and procedures and see how we constantly review our practice in order to keep your children safe.

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