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First Steps Day Nursery strives to provide a safe, stimulating, nurturing, caring environment where children can develop to their full potential through developing warm and secure relationships with professionals who cater for each child as an individual.

First Steps Day Nursery will cooperate and communicate honestly and openly with each other and parents, working to empower one another to become a professional team committed to the learning and development of children.

Opening Hours: 8:00 – 6:00 Monday to Friday.
Closed all bank holidays
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    Louise W (Mother of Child)Louise (Mother of Child) Mandy (Grandmother of Child) Chloe (Mother of Child) Safana A (Mother of Child)Louise (Mother of Child)Molly M (Mother of Child)Narender S (Father of Child)Cheryl PDeepika R (Mother of Child)
  • Excellent nursery. I wouldn't send my son anywhere else. Lovely staff who really care about my son's welfare. I couldn't wish for anything better. The food is nutritional. My son always looks happy to be there.
    How likely would you be to recommend First Steps Day Nursery? Extremely Likely
    Average Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Recommendation relates to April 2015. My son has had quite a few transitions to deal with recently and we were concerned about him starting a new setting. However, we shouldn't have been! The staff were/are amazing at settling him in and keeping him occupied. There seems to be lots of exciting things going on all the time and I feel very informed as a new parent here. The outdoor area is huge and looks like so much fun. I can't wait to see how his development continues here as I'm sure he'll get so much out of coming.
    Louise (Mother of Child)
  • Recommendation relates to April 2015. My grandson comes to this nursery and loves it. He is happy and is always smiling when I collect him. The girls are all really friendly and always let me know how he's been which is great. Highly recommended.  
    Mandy (Grandmother of Child)
  • Recommendation relates Tuesday 19 May 2015. My child has been coming to First Steps for one year now and we both love it here. The staff are all fantastic and have made me and my son feel welcome since the day he started. My son has learnt a lot whilst being at First Steps and he has a great bond and relationship with his key worker.  
    Chloe (Mother of Child)
  • Recommendation on Tuesday 9 June 2015. My experience here at First Steps has been brilliant. I've had a lot of help with my son, due to his hearing loss in both ears. We have had the nursery help so much with his speech, they have left no stones unturned. The teaching, work, the staff are great. A very big help always there to help even if it was something personal. I personally think it's a great school/nursery.  
    Safana A (Mother of Child)
  • Recommendation submitted on Thursday 11 June 2015. My daughter has been attending first steps day nursery for 2 years now and her development is above where it should be for her age, I believe this is down to the nursery staff. They are fantastic and know every child inside out, they put their heart and soul into making the nursery day fun, exciting and enriching for the children. Not only do they support the children they support the parents too, they are always willing to listen offer advice and will help where they can. I couldn't recommend this nursery enough and in glad my daughter has another year at his fabulous nursery!!.  
    Louise (Mother of Child)
  • Recommendation on Monday 27 July 2015. My child has been attending the nursery for 2 years. I feel the nursery has provided my child with necessary care I would expect. The staff are very polite and have always made time when I needed to speak. Overall, I think the nursery is great and would definitely recommend it.  
    Molly M (Mother of Child)
  • Recommendation submitted on Monday 27 July 2015. This nursery is really very fantastic and staff are very good and co-operative. I am completely satisfied with their services. I will recommend this nursery to my colleagues, friends and family.
    Narender S (Father of Child)
  • Recommendation submitted from a Postal Card by Cheryl P (Mother of Child) on Monday 27 July 2015. I think the nursery is very good filled with lots for children to do and easy to get to, clean, tidy and the staff are polite.
    Cheryl P
  •   Recommendation on Thursday 30 July 2015. The best part of nursery is about it flexible timings which is good for working parents and it is open most of the days apart from Bank holidays which makes life easy for working parents. Regarding the facilities it provides a pleasing atmosphere for the kids and the staff are also caring and helpful. Outdoor activities and events outside. The nursery also helps kids and improve their confidence which is good.    
    Deepika R (Mother of Child)

Tel:01924 298290